• Rhoda Grant MSP – Views sought on Scottish Fire Service shake-up

    Highlands and Islands Labour MSPs, Rhoda Grant and David Stewart, are appealing to people throughout the region to respond to the request from the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee for written views on the reform of the fire and rescue service.

    The call for opinions came from the Justice Committee the day after the decision was announced to reduce the number of fire controls in Scotland from eight to three.

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  • Rhoda Grant – Parliamentary question on priorities in Tourism in 2014

    Rhoda Grant: Will the cabinet secretary join me in congratulating Lewis, Harris and the Western Isles on coming top of TripAdvisor’s top 10 European islands?

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  • Rhoda Grant joins the fight against breast cancer

    Rhoda Grant MSP for the Highlands and Islands and the Shadow Minister for Wellbeing has joined the fight against breast cancer by taking part in Breast Cancer Campaign’s biggest (and pinkest) fundraiser, wear it pink day.

    Over the last 10 years wear it pink has raised a staggering £23 million and on Friday 25 October 2013 people will come together in schools, colleges and businesses across Scotland to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Campaign’s lifesaving research.

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Educational Psychologists Numbers at Dangerously Low Levels in Scotland – David’s Scottish Parliament motion

Educational Psychologists Numbers at Dangerously Low Levels in Scotland

That the Parliament recognises the report by the National Association of Scottish Principal Educational Psychologists and the Scottish Division of Educational Psychologists, which considers that the number of trained educational psychologists in Scotland is “dangerously low” and that psychological services in Scotland are reporting a significant increase in demand; understands that up to a quarter of educational psychologists may retire in the next four years and that there are too few trainees being recruited to fill this skills gap;


Scotland Steps Closer to Stubbing Smoking Out – Rhoda’s member’s motion

That the Parliament welcomes the findings of the 2013 Scottish Health Survey, which identified that only 21% of adults in Scotland are now smokers, a decrease from 25% in the previous year; notes that the study found that there has been a significant decline in the number of smokers aged between 16 and 64, decreasing from 35% in 1995 to 24% in 2013 and further notes that the average number of cigarettes smoked per day by those in the 16 to 64 age group also fell from 16.7 in 1995 to 12.7 in 2013;


1,472 people visit North MSP’s anti-bullying site

Highlands & Islands MSP and Shadow Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health Minister, Rhoda Grant is delighted that 1472 people visited her anti bullying site, Tobie, in the last month.

She said “ I launched this site in Inverness on the 15 December and in Elgin on the 19 December 2014, and over the following four weeks I have been contacted by so many individuals who have a story to tell, including many who are what I call ‘sufferers’ of this anti social unacceptable behaviour.

“Sad to say most have told me that they suffered in silence because they did not know where to turn.


Public called upon to help during flu crisis

Highlands and Islands Scottish Labour MSP Rhoda Grant has called for everyone to play their part in helping NHS Highland weather the flu outbreak that has affected services in Raigmore Hospital.

“The NHS belongs to all of us,” said Mrs Grant, who is part of Scottish Labour’s Health Team, “ and we all have a part to play in it. During this current red alert for Raigmore we must do everything we can help.


Rhoda Grant comments on the £100 million extra funding over three years for delayed discharge

Speaking about the £100 million extra funding allocated by the Scottish Government to prevent delayed discharge from hospitals nationally, Highlands & Islands MSP and Shadow Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, Rhoda Grant said,

“Of course I welcome the extra funding set aside for NHS Highland, but it is a case of trying to shut the stable door now that the horse has bolted”.

“NHS Highland have been underfunded for years and only recently the Scottish Government gave extra funding to try and give the Board the funding they were entitled to, but deprived off.

“This lack of funding over the last few years has contributed to the mess we now find ourselves in..